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To reveal the connection of our congregation and community to God’s presence in the natural world, by fostering a culture of environmental reflection, engagement and stewardship

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  • Massaged Kale Salad
    Avocado’s nuttiness is heightened by lemon juice, cayenne pepper and garlic powder, which are then massaged into the kale in this classic winter greens salad. The leaves of Tuscan kale are more tender than other varieties, so you can dig into this refreshing salad as soon as you start salivating for that quintessential kale crunch […]
  • Seasonal Vegetable Baeckeoffe
    This vegetable baeckeoffe from Chef Antoine Westermann is a Meatless Monday fixture at his restaurant, Le Coq Rico. A baekeoffe is a traditional Alsatian slow-cooked dish. Back in the old days, women would drop off a baekeoffe at the bakers after he’d turn the oven off at night. The dish would be The post Seasonal […]
  • Mushroom Tofu Scramble
    Mushrooms and onions are seasoned with Indian spices and sautéed with crumbled tofu. This quick breakfast scramble is easily edited to incorporate whatever veggies you have in the fridge. The post Mushroom Tofu Scramble appeared first on Meatless Monday.
  • Meat Free Kofta
    Kofta is a type of Middle Eastern kebab or meatball. Here, mushrooms provide that “meaty” flavor. This recipe for meat free kofta comes to us from our friends at the Meatless Monday movement in Denmark. Serves 4   1 large onion 2 to 3 carrots 1 kg mushrooms (2.2 lbs.) 200 gram red lentils (7 […]
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