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To reveal the connection of our congregation and community to God’s presence in the natural world, by fostering a culture of environmental reflection, engagement and stewardship

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  • STEM Annual Fall Open Space Festial at Strawbridge Lake. 9:00am – Noon 10/7. Learn More.
  • Adult Forum: “Living Our Values; An Individual and Community Responsibility” 10/14
  • Meatless Monday Potluck. 6:30pm 10/22
  • NJ Farmers Against Hunger Thanksgiving Packing Service Event. 1:00-3:00pm 11/11

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Food Tip
Worldwide meat production releases more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined (Source: UN Environment Program). Start small by eliminating meat one day per week, or challenge yourself by taking a week-long vegetarian pledge.

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RSS Meatless Monday Recipes

  • Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins
    The warm spiced flavors of pumpkin pie are infused in these moist mini-muffins. This recipe makes a plethora of mini-muffins, but feel free to use standard muffin tins instead- just remember to cook 'em a little longer. The post Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins appeared first on Meatless Monday.
  • Kohlrabi Hash with Corn and Chevre
    Hash may be everyone’s favorite brunch side, but this version using kohlrabi in place of potatoes is produce packed, making it an excellent main course any time of day. Look for kohlrabi, a bulbous cabbage cousin, in your local farmers market. This recipe comes to us from Olga of Mango & Tomato. Serves The post Kohlrabi […]
  • Couscous Salad with Tangy Dressing
    This plant-based recipe is low in sodium and helps keep blood pressure control in check, providing less stress on the kidneys. It is also low in saturated and total fat, helping blood vessels supply necessary oxygen and nutrients to the heart and kidneys. This recipe comes to us from the National Kidney The post Couscous […]
  • Cucumber, Pepper and Tomato Salad
    This simple dish highlights the season’s freshest, sweetest produce with a simple vinaigrette made with cucumber vinegar. If you can’t find cucumber vinegar online or in your local specialty store, apple cider vinegar will work as a substitute. This recipe comes to us from Chef Bryce Shuman of Betony restaurant. Serves 2 For the Cucumber Vinaigrette […]
  • Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas
    For these seasonal enchiladas you can use either fresh butternut squash from your local farmers market or save time with pre-chopped squash from your grocery store’s produce section. Either way, you’ll have a great fall recipe: a little spicy, a little cheesy and lots of flavor. Round out the meal with a small side of rice […]
  • Maple Almond Pecan Scones
    The dough of these breakfast pastries is made from ground pecans, almonds and oats then seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla. These healthy scones are naturally sweetened with maple syrup to give your morning a hearty hello which welcomes autumn The post Maple Almond Pecan Scones appeared first on Meatless Monday.
  • Grilled Butternut Squash with Tabasco Glaze and Crunchy Spicy Seeds
    This simple preparation of butternut squash is anything but. Grilling the squash develops its sweetness and adds a hint of smoky flavor, while a spicy-sweet glaze and cooling yogurt round out the flavors and the delightful crunch of the squash’s seeds finish off the dish. This recipe comes to us from Stiltsville The post Grilled […]
  • Hummus Club Sandwich
    This sweet and simple sandwich pairs the last of summer’s heirloom tomatoes with the first crisp apples of fall. It’s a satisfying meal for lunch or dinner during the busy fall season, packed with protein, fiber and taste! This recipe comes to us from Rini of Healing Tomato. Serves 2 Half of a green The […]

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