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Baptisms are held during worship on Sundays. Following tradition, Lutherans usually don’t baptize during the somber church seasons of Advent (4 weeks prior to Christmas) and Lent (6 weeks prior to Easter). There are a few particularly appropriate Sundays for baptisms; such as Easter Sunday, Pentecost, All Saints Sunday and the Baptism of Our Lord. However, the pastor and church staff work with families to find a suitable date. The congregation usually experiences one or two baptisms each month. We send periodic educational and faith-oriented resources to households who have a baby baptized through 2 years old. Once children are three, they are welcome to join the Sunday School 3 year-old class.  Please contact the church office if you’d like to schedule a baptism. Click here for “Suggestions for choosing godparents (sponsors)

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First Communion

We teach Communion instruction in 2nd Grade during Sunday School and in 7th grade in Confirmation. Typically, 2nd graders are taught for two weeks in the winter/ spring and then receive Communion for the first time in worship on a Sunday morning during the Easter season. 

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Classes are held Sunday evenings from 4:30-6pm during two six-week periods (fall and spring) for seventh and eighth graders. In addition the students participate in two “Discovery Days” to see various missions and ministries of the wider church. They also perform at least two service projects during the year. Ninth grade students are involved in a mentoring program. The program begins in the spring at the end of 8th grade, and students are typically confirmed on the next Reformation Sunday in late October or early November.

Sunday Worship

Communion Services 8:30am & 11am
Sunday School & Adult Forum 9:45am


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