Leaders & Schedules

Monthly Schedules

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Worship September 2021
Worship October 2021
Worship November 2021

If you are unable to serve on your date, try to switch/swap with another server. If you cannot find someone, please contact that coordinator who spent endless hours setting up these schedules—THANK YOU!

  • Pam Bowen: Greeters
  • Sue Kuhn: Healing Prayers
  • Mike Rieker: Readers
  • Jen Buyser: Acolytes/Crucifers/Presentation of Gifts
  • Chris Cassel: Assistant Ministers/Communion Assistants

Communion Assistants

One lay person assists the pastor each worship service and two others come forward during Communion to help distribute it

Presentation of Gifts (bread & wine)

Sunday School families are scheduled to bring forward the gifts; that is, the bread and the wine at each service


Teams help to welcome people into the sanctuary assist with offering plates and Communion so that guests & visitors comfortable

Altar Guild

Teams prepare the sanctuary for worship on Sunday


One person greets people at the main door each Sunday to help create a warm, caring environment

Healing Prayers

Offered during worship services in the back of the sanctuary

Acolytes and Crucifiers

Confirmation students are assigned the role for each worship service. Acolytes light the candles and assist with Baptisms and Crucifers lead the processional and recessional, holding the processional cross.



At each service, one person steps into the pulpit to speak 2 of the 4 readings appointed for the day

  • Check the book on the pulpit to be sure the pages are set to the appropriate readings. 
  •  After the Children’s Time, you can begin the first reading (you don’t need to wait for Pastor to nod to you or return to her seat). 
  •  Feel free to sit with the choir or in the chair next to the pulpit in between the first and second reading when the responsorial Psalm takes place.

Assisting Ministers/Communion Assistants

  • For Assisting Minister, robe in the conference and meet the Pastor to receive instructions.
  • Use the hand sanitizer before coming to the altar.
  • The person offering the bread says, “This is the body of Christ given for you” to the communicant.
  • For a child under age to receive the Sacrament, you may say ”Jesus loves you and blesses you.”
  • For an individual with arms crossed off a blessing
  • Gluten-free wafers are available in the little bowl. The bulletin suggests that they should ask for a “wafer, please.” Communion assistants should bring the plate to the communicant who will take a wafer from it. (Do not hand the wafer to the communicant. This method will avoid cross contamination with any bread left on your hands).
  • The person offering the wine says, “This is the blood of Christ, shed for you” to the communicant, even if the communicant has grape juice.


Eucharistic Ministers

  • Monthly, pairs of Eucharistic Ministers bring Holy Communion to parishioners who are unable to attend worship

Flower Guild

  • Provides flowers when they are not donated

Sunday Worship

9:30AM In-Person & Live Streaming Worship. Children's Chapel (4-6th grade) following Children's Time View bulletin & YouTube worship link.
10:30AM Fellowship Time
11AM Sunday School & Congregational Activity Time

318 Chester Avenue, Moorestown, NJ 856-235-2055 • stmatthew@stmatthew-lutheran.org

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Saint Matthew Lutheran Church is a community of disciples reaching out through Christ in loving worship, witness, and service.