Leaders & Schedules

Monthly Schedules Click on the blue link below for the current schedule.

Communion Assistants   One lay person assists the pastor each worship service and two others come forward during Communion to help distribute it

Presentation of Gifts (bread & wine)  Sunday School families are scheduled to bring forward the gifts; that is, the bread and the wine at each service

Readers  At each service, one person steps into the pulpit to speak 2 of the 4 readings appointed for the day

Ushers Teams help to welcome people into the sanctuary assist with offering plates and Communion so that guests & visitors comfortable

Acolytes  Teams prepare the sanctuary for worship on Sunday

Greeters One person greets people at the main door each Sunday to help create a warm, caring environment

Healing Prayers  Offered during worship services in the back of the sanctuary

Acolytes and Crucifiers   Confirmation students are assigned the role for each worship service. Acolytes light the candles and assist with Baptisms and Crucifers lead the processional and recessional, holding the processional cross.

Sunday Musical Assistants
The Musical Assistant has responsibility for leading the singing of the liturgy, psalms and any other portion of the worship service as assigned by the Pastor and/or Cantor. The Assistant must be able to sing in tune and, occasionally, without accompaniment. Those interested in being a Musical Assistant should contact David Harp.

Max Frable: Children’s Chapel.