Hope “springs” eternal!

As we start to see signs activity outside our windows (think birds returning, plants and flowers budding, pollinators fluttering about), our Green Team and congregational activities are also increasing, in celebration of the glory of God’s creation renewed.

  • Our spring theme is “Environmental Superheroes,” and on March 21 we were blessed to host Adult Forum with a real-life environmental superhero, guest speaker, and former member of St. Matthew, Ali (Parvin) Pressel! Ali is a teacher of Environmental Sciences in St. Augustine, Florida, and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Thank you, Ali, for joining us and sharing all of the wonderful work you do, teaching the importance of environmental stewardship to our youth!
  • A simple action you can take at home this month is to celebrate Earth Hour on March 27, by turning off your lights and electronics for an hour starting at 8:30 PM (to learn more about this global event, visit:
  • In April, mark your calendars for April 25, when Barbara and Lorraine will be leading a special Virtual Sunday School forum on “Environmental Superheroes” for grades pre-K through 6th grade, in honor of Earth Day 2021 (for more details see Celebrating Earth Day).

Finally, we are currently planning volunteer service projects for spring, including a spinach gleaning with our local mission partner NJ Farmers Against Hunger on May 22. We encourage you to sign up for this fun and safe outdoor, socially-distanced event! To sign up, please contact Rebecca & Alexa Masserini at:

If you would like to join the Green Team at one of our virtual monthly meetings, held the first Monday of the month (Ministry night), please contact me at: Also check out our website:, and follow the SMLC Facebook page:

Brian Lestini, chair