YOU Can Be An Environmental Superhero!

On April 25, at 11:15AM in celebration of Earth Day, the Sunday School classes, preschool through 6th grade will be watching an adaption of a play-via Zoom, written by Marty Levin, a member of the Green Faith Circle of South Jersey. It has been re-written by Lorraine Horton and is entitled, “YOU Can Be An Environmental Superhero.” The play guides the children to think about ways that they can become better stewards of God’s creation. The play involves two characters, a reporter, Barbara Duffy and Mrs. Earthfair, Lorraine Horton. The two characters will be challenging the students to brainstorm ideas about how they can make a difference in helping to protect this beautiful planet from further destruction. Within the play, the students will gain new ideas by watching three videos. Each will focus on ways to conserve energy, food and water.

There will be an article in the following Messenger about all of the great ideas that were suggested by the children and what they learned in the videos. They will also be encouraged to sign up to become Environmental Super Heroes in their own lives. Each student will be given (or can print out) an Environmental Superhero Certificate to reward each student for their involvement in the effort to improve their skills at becoming even better stewards of what God has so lovingly provided for each of them.

-Barbara Duffy, Green Team