Instructions for Asking Questions and Voting

Note: Saint Matthew’s church facility, including the sanctuary, remains closed because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Congregation members must participate in these Call events remotely via Zoom. Do not come to the church.

If you are uncertain about how to connect to the Zoom Meet & Greet or Congregation Meeting, please contact Karen Widin. If an online computer connection is not available, it is also possible to connect to the Zoom meetings with an audio phone connection. Email the Church office for further information about connecting by phone, or call 856-235-2055 Ext 1.

July 25th Meet & Greet and July 26th Congregation Meeting

Emailing your question(s) in advance will greatly help to expedite the meetings. If, prior to either the Meet & Greet or Congregation Meeting, you know a question you would like to ask Pastor Trozzo, please email your question to the Church office ( in advance of the meeting. These emailed questions will be the first answered in the meetings.

If you did not ask a question in advance, there are 4 different ways to ask a question of Pastor Trozzo during either the Meet & Greet or Congregation Meeting:

  • Use Zoom’s Raise Hand feature to get the Moderator’s attention (see below); or
  • Use Zoom’s Chat feature to send your question to the Moderator (see below); or
  • Email your question to the church office; or
  • Phone your question to the church office at (856) 235-2055 Ext 1.

Zoom’s Raise Hand Feature

To be recognized by the Moderator and ask your question, follow these easy steps:

First, open the Participant List by clicking on the “Participants” icon on your Zoom screen…

Second, click on “Raise Hand” at the bottom of the Participant window. A blue hand will then appear next to your name on the Participant List which lets the Moderator know you wish to ask a question.

Third, the Moderator will then recognize you and ask that you “unmute” yourself if you are not already unmuted…

Then ask your question as concisely as possible. After your question is addressed, please re-mute yourself and click on “Lower Hand” to remove your blue hand signal.

Zoom’s Chat Feature

You can use Zoom’s Chat feature to type and send a question to the Moderator during either the Meet & Greet or Congregation Meeting by following these easy steps:

First, open the Chat feature by clicking on the “Chat” icon on your Zoom screen…

Next, click on the down arrow (v) to the right of “To:” to open the addressee menu. Then click on “St Matthew (Host)” to put a check mark by that name. This will direct your chat message to only the Moderator and it will not be visible to everyone on the Zoom meeting.

Then move your cursor to “Type message here” and type your question for Pastor Trozzo. Don’t hit ENTER on your computer until your question is complete. Your message will be sent to the Moderator as soon as you hit ENTER.

July 26th Congregation Meeting

There are 4 ways to vote on approving the motion to call the Rev. Dr. Eric Trozzo to be the next pastor at St. Matthew Lutheran Church:

  1. Preferable: Use Zoom’s Chat feature as described above. Be sure your message is directed only to “St Matthew (Host)” and type your first and last name and either YES or NO. Hit ENTER.
  2. Email the Church and include your first and last name and either YES or NO:
  3. Call the Church and provide your first and last name and either YES or NO: 856-235-2055 Ext 1
  4. By sealed written ballot delivered to the Church. Write only your vote: Yes or No on a piece of paper and place it in a plain unmarked envelope. Seal that envelope and place it inside a second envelope with your first and last name written on the outside. Then phone the church and say either: (a) you will be dropping off your ballot within 45 minutes; or (b) if you are unable to bring it to the church, request that it be picked up from your residence. If you are dropping it off, ring the buzzer by the main entrance on your arrival and await instructions.

Note: Votes submitted by Chat, email or phone will be recorded by two referees who are charged to maintain anonymity of the voters. Only Voting Members who attend the Zoom meeting may vote. Absentee and proxy votes are not permitted.