My Current Experience as the Youth Representative of Congregation Council

In March of this year I was presented with the opportunity to become the youth representative of the Congregation Council. My only prior knowledge was my sibling’s mixed feelings about their time as the representative. However I understood that this was a chance to learn more about not only the Council, but our church itself. I made my decision to accept the offer, but not with full confidence. I could not help but question what my purpose would be in the Council. I did not know what I could possibly bring to the table. However, I encouraged myself that this would be where I would find my role in the church. Although I still some-times have worries that I do not carry my weight as a member of the Congregation Council, I have no regrets about joining. I understand more about what it takes to create the community that our church strives for, and this has shown me the value in participation. I am grateful for everyone who has made this possible for me.

Aaron Blanford