What our SMLC Members are doing at Home — The Frables

Howdy! We want to thank YOU for everything y’all are doing. (We have no idea all that that might involve right now, but you no doubt have had to make major adjustments to most of your normal routines/tasks.)
In these ever-fluid and abnormal times, where it seems like everyday brings a new punch in the gut, we are trying to occasionally stop and think about things we are grateful for:

  • family
  • friends (even though we can’t hug them right now)
  • nice weather
  • SPRING coming soon
  • outdoor fun
  • Mommy’s a good teacher
  • learning to cook
  • mom and dad know how to cook
  • being silly
  • No commute to work! (that’s daddy’s)
  • Free Reading time during “Frable School” hours
  • birds, squirrels, dogs and cats
  • delivery drivers
  • God, who gave us Jesus

These are strange days. Two things really stand out that make this so different from other disasters/emergencies we’ve been through:

  1. Usually the event hits hard at the beginning with little warning and we’re able to start picking up pieces as we deal with the trauma and shock, but this is more like a scene from a horror movie when you know something bad is coming (especially due to the music) and you have to wait for the monster to jump out…only now it’s like that scene is in super-slow-motion and we’re stuck in it.  
  2. In all other crises, we’ve always had one place to go to refresh our batteries…a reliable shelter from the storms.  We miss worship, Sunday School and our church family. We understand why we can’t go right now, but it is hard to get used to. 

Just like the promised Easter morning, however, we eagerly wait for this soundtrack to change (from slasher movie) to the glorious trumpets and, dare I say, “Hallelujahs!”

Be well, all of you and your families.May God’s peace that surpasses ALL understanding, provide the comfort we all crave right now.

Love,The Frables