What is The Lunch Bunch?

A food ministry which provides a cold lunch, once per month to the patrons of Cathedral Kitchen in Camden.

For those who may not be familiar with the Lunch Bunch – this food ministry consists of a monthly gathering of volunteers who prepare approximately 260 sandwiches for the folks at the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. They prepare 80 sandwiches each of ham and cheese, chicken or turkey and cheese, plus 100 peanut butter and jam sandwiches. We also include homemade cakes, cookies or brownies—all thanks to you, chips, bananas, drink mix, napkins and cups. We always prepare the food on the second Thursday evening of the month. The next morning, Dave Frech delivers all the sandwiches and goodies to Cathedral Kitchen in Camden in time for the noon meal.

We thank God that for almost 19 years this food ministry has been self-sustaining. Nevertheless, as we near the beginning of our 20th year (February 2020) we find that individual donations have dwin- dled to just a few faithful supporters. I continue to apply for an annual gift from the Wegman’s com- munity support program every December. This year they donated $600 in gift cards. On average we spend $190 – $200 per month on food supplies. So, $600 is a major portion of our annual spending. We are blessed to have their continued support. They are such a community oriented operation. If you’ve never shopped there, you might want to give them a try. They carry a diverse product range from economy to gourmet; so you should find whatever you’re looking for within your budget.

As I mentioned, individual donations continue from a few congregation members – but nowhere near the levels of the past. This ministry is not a line item in the church’s annual operating budget and therefore depends on your discretionary gifts. We welcome your prayers and financial assistance.

Please make your checks payable to Saint Matthew Lutheran Church with Lunch Bunch on the memo line. If you’re unable to give money, we’re always in need of creamy peanut butter, jam, home baked goods and zip lock sandwich bags. We thank God for you and your continued support.

Thanks a bunch…. a Lunch Bunch!


—Deacon Bill