What is a sustainable budget?

There seems to be some confusion surrounding our recent sustainable budget challenge and what a sustainable budget is.

So I did what many in the 21st century do, I “Googled” it. I was actually surprised to see that Google had a definition that I think we can use.

It is: At the most basic level a sustainable operating budget is one where “normally occurring revenues are equal to your normally occurring expenditures,” says Suzanne Finnegan, chief credit officer for Build American Mutual. “And alternatively,” she adds, “extraordinary sources of revenue are used for extraordinary, one-time expenditures.”

Some of the increased congregational giving to preserve our ministries (i.e., the sustainability budget challenge) will, in fact, make us more sustainable because it was given with the thought of continuing
that level of giving next year.

There were other gifts, including a few very generous one-time donations. If they result in a surplus at the end of the year, this would provide the congregation more time to become sustainable (which was the expressed intent of the givers). The congregation would decide how to carry a surplus forward at the Semi-Annual meeting in January.

We thank God for all contributions to our shared ministry in the gospel!

Yours in Christ,
Jack Horton