Weekly Devotions for 11/14

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Dear partners,

As I write this, it is impossible to predict how the war in the Holy Land will unfold between now and when you read this. One thing is certain: this is still a time for reaching out to ecumenical and inter-religious partners, and especially your Jewish and Muslim colleagues, neighbors and friends.

For me the most important spaces I have engaged in over the last month were “off the record.” These conversations have often begun in awkward silence, as we struggled to put our thoughts, feelings and concerns into words. Yet I have also experienced what is possible on the basis of trust built over time: vulnerable sharing of our fears, grief and anguish. While real differences have been clear, the very fact that we are staying at the table means we resist becoming divided.

Staying at the table, no matter how difficult it gets, is a way of reaffirming our commitments to be in right relationship with Jews, with Muslims and with all people committed to peace, justice and the common good. It’s messy, complicated and even painful. Thank you for all the ways that you stay at the table.

In partnership,

Kathryn Lohre
Kathryn M. Lohre
Executive, Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations & Theological Discernment

In light of this challenging and complex situation, the ELCA has created an information and resource page with ELCA, partner and coalition statements, and worship and other resources.