Transition Team will Facilitate Group Meetings

Council has been compiling the ‘Site Profile’  the document that informs our Bishop and potential new pastors of who we are now as a Congregation. We’ve conducted a survey which has brought in many thoughtful responses to help with shaping the ‘Site Profile’. The survey provides a good picture of where we are today and many ideas about the ‘ideal’ new pastor, and what gifts that pastor should bring.

We also need to communicate the results of our discernment process, pointing the way to where we see St. Matthew going. What will St. Matthew be like in the 21st century? The survey hasn’t been as helpful in this area, plus there are groups we’d like to hear more from.

We have asked some St. Matthew members to be part of a Transition Team that will facilitate group discussions about where we want to go. They will be meeting with ministries and groups within the church to challenge them about our visions for the future. The team will feed back your perceptions to Council. The facilitators will also gather groups from those who weren’t reached by (or didn’t respond to) the initial survey.

Please help by joining in these meetings when you have a chance. We hope to wind up this phase in the next 4 weeks. And as always, prayers for those all those working on calling our next pastor are most welcome.