To Everything There Is A Season…

Transplanted from Judy Jochumsen’s yard to St. Matthew’s side yard (near The Children’s Pollinator Garden) a dogwood tree will grow and, once in full bloom, will be seen from the foyer. That’s the vision of our Grounds Committee….always looking towards the future. Thank you Dave, Judy and Marna.

The Emerald Isle is tucked away in the corner of the front yard as you exit the back gate of The Garden of Remembrance. There you will find hosta, fern and Solomon’s Seal—a far cry from the bare root plants we planted in the spring. They will only become more full and beautiful as they grow! Special thanks to all the Holy Weeders who came out to weed during those hot humid days of summer.

Marna Andrew makes sure that the “candy corn” bushes are watered with a slow drip soaker hose. We are grateful to Marna for the extra TLC (tender loving care) that she gives our campus.

A BIG Thank You to the Tuesday Maintenance Team for planting the weeping redbud tree with heart-shaped leaves (variety pink heartbreaker).

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,” Martin Luther reportedly said, “I would still plant my apple tree.”