Stephen Ministry

A little bit different message this month for you as our very much interrupted lives continue to unroll day by day. Life’s interruptions are inviting us into something new and different. And into these interruptions, the Spirit is inviting us to embrace our families, our neighbors and our friend in a new way.

During the last 7+ months, our Stephen Ministers have had to embrace new ways to stay connected to their Care Receivers—usually that has been by telephone but also with Facetime. Once in a while, a care receiver has been able to visit in person, outside, socially distanced and masked but that is not the norm right now.

How is God calling us to do things differently? Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner and with those very important family times come new concerns as to how to be together safely. For now our lives truly have been interrupted…but not forever. So a little suggestion that might help you weather the interruptions—start a journal to see where God is in your life and what God is doing in your world. Where do you see the Spirit alive and active in your interrupted life?

Not only will journaling help you deal with stress and sadness and perhaps depression, but will help you vent! It also is a wonderful way to capture and remember the happiest times and the creative means by which you celebrated the events of your life and that of your family and friends. And as always, if you feel having a Stephen Minister, even for just a short time to talk to, please contact Sue Kuhn.

God’s peace
Rev. Peggy Marks, Stephen Minister Leader