Social Concerns: St. Vincent de Paul Now Serving Moorestown, Crop Walk, & More

St. Vincent de Paul Now Serving Moorestown

We are looking for St. Matthew members to help with these volunteer opportunities:

  • Retrieving phone messages from the Hotline
  • Assist with Food Pantries/Home Delivery
  • Provide administrative/office support
  • Treasury duties
  • Prepare communications and solicit collaboration with Moorestown churches
  • Solicit local businesses to participate in fund raising activities

If you are interested in getting involve with this ministry or have questions, contact Pastor Wengert or Deacon Bill Lawrence.

Crop Walk will be held on Sunday, May 6th

If you can’t walk this year, please consider donating to the CROP Walk or a fellow walker.

Live Civilly/Moorestown Ministerium Food Pantry

April is always a good month. The joy of Easter, the beauty of spring. At the pantry, the warmer weather brings more people. We don’t ask for documentation of need. We open the doors and give to all who arrive. Your donations of nonperishable food are welcome and fill the bags that we distribute. People often ask for paper goods, laundry soap and dish soap. Though not part of the bags, these items have sometimes been donated and greatly appreciated. All of these items are welcome as well. Without your generosity, the pantry could not flourish. Thank you for your continued support. —Connie O’Brien Pantry Coordinator

Lutheran Crossings

This month I’d like to give you an example of the kind of person who shops at our monthly sale. She is a savvy shopper who spends a lot of time investigating our stock (donations many of you have shared). Our shopper does not let me off easy. She wheels and deals until I break down and throw in a free item. When the deal is made, out comes a rumpled envelope with just the right amount of cash. Now as tough as our shopper is on me, she is sweet on Dave, and just glows when he offers to push her wheelchair back to her room. We are the only shopping experience some residents have. They might not know that your donations support their activities. They do know that when we arrive there will be interesting and affordable items to purchase. Please keep donations coming. You put a spark into someone’s life. —Lorraine Horton