“To Dear Old Captain Noah, Send Today, Send Right Away”

If you grew up in this tri-state area, long ago like me, you may remember that song from the morning children’s program on WPVI TV “Captain Noah and His Magical Ark”. Like Captain Noah, our new pastor would like to see you and know what you look like behind your COVID 19 mask.

Please drop off your most recent family photo or selfie to the church, to help our pastor “Get To Know the Faces of You and Your Family”. A 4” x 6” picture will help him see who you are behind your mask. Please include you name on the photo. If you are not able to drop off your photo at the church, email the pic to Deacon Bill Lawrence.

Your newly submitted picture will be used to update our Picture Directory Mobile App. In the near future you will receive a new special unique identifier to access the App and instructions. Please report any updates regarding your contact information to Administrative Assistant Kim.

So please “Send Your Pictures, Send today, Send right away.”
—Lisa Merrill, Picture Directory Coordinator

Some Trivia: “Captain Noah and His Magical Ark” was created by W. Carter Merbreier, an ordained Lutheran minister and former Philadelphia police chaplain, and produced by the Philadelphia Council of Churches. The show initially aired as a religious program beginning in 1967 before switching to a children’s program in 1970. The show starred W. Carter Merbreier as Captain Noah and his real life wife, Patricia Merbreier, as Mrs. Noah. He passed at age 90 in 2016 and she in 2011.