The Task Force met in March and felt it should make plans for in-person worship. Yet at the same time, the number of new daily COVID cases per 100,000 and the COVID infection rates in Burlington and Camden County are higher than they were when we pulled back from in-person worship in November. That means some caution is still called for. Conditions are getting better, but we aren’t there yet! Balancing the improvements against the continuing risks, the Task Force decided to tentatively reopen SMLC for in-person worship in the sanctuary on Sunday, April 18th, provided these things continue to improve and Burlington County reaches:

  • New daily COVID cases per 100,000 of 10 or less and an infection rate of 0.9 or less. NOTE: Reopening will be pushed back if needed until conditions meet this threshold.
  • We can reopen now for small internal ministries and work groups of 10 or less, socially distanced. This includes: Food Pantry, Worship & Music groups, and the Property Team. We are not yet reopening to outside groups.

The guidelines in the 2020 Reopening Plan will be used on our website under the Worship Resources tab. Reservations for in-person worship will again be in place by emailing Deacon Bill at beginning April 12.

John O’Meara, chair