Property Update

There have been many questions to members of the Property Team about what is going on with the Shockey Lounge. So, in brief, here is the answer…

In June I received a call from our Sexton Dave that the downstairs storage wall was leaking and flooding the basement. After bailing water, we called other Property Team members to find the leak. Long story short, after tracing all the pipes we could see and locate via the blueprints we could not find the leak. Tom Cassel got in touch with our insurance company and they recommended a leak detection firm. They found the leak which is located right in the middle of the Shockey Lounge. (Our blueprints don’t show piping there so as built does not equal as designed.) Ellis Plumbing was called in and we were able to isolate the heating system from sink and toilet plumbing.

Work is scheduled to commence the last week of July or first week of August. Right now we have everything but heat, and there is every reason to think we will have repairs done prior to heating season.

Charlie Lange, chair