Presentation of Gifts—Please Sign Up to Serve!

For the past several years we have scheduled families to present the communion elements, the bread and wine, to the altar as the ushers bring forward the offering. This service provides an opportunity for families to take an active part in worship and for parents to teach their children about communion. A number of families have made this an integral part  of their worship experience and we would hope that they continue to serve in this way.

Instead of being scheduled, we would ask that you sign up on the Sunday(s) you would like to serve. The sign-up sheet is on the main bulletin board under WORSHIP. Simply add your name to your chosen week under “Presentation of Gifts.”

We would also encourage all members to take this opportunity to serve. Possibly you’ve baked the bread or donated the funds for the wine and would like to present these gifts during the service. Please feel free to sign the sheet and go to the back of the church as the offering is being taken. The ushers will direct you from there. We thank you all for serving and actively participating in worship.

—Chris Cassel, chair