Monday Morning Bible Study Restarting Mon. Sept. 9, 10:30AM in Lounge

SMLC hosts a Bible study which will start up for the coming year —YOU would be very welcome. This is a small group, it’s informal and it doesn’t matter how much you know or whether you join-in alot or a little. We read select-ed parts of the Bible, questioning and discussing its meaning. We consider that the Holy Spirit is the Teacher, 

active in the Word, ourselves and the group (“wherever two or three are gathered…”). In the process, we learn to use different resources and disciplines, and establish core understandings that flow over to other readings. 

We also call this the Open Bible Study; the “Open” part means we learn from actually reading Scripture. The Study is also “open” to everyone—male/female (could use a few more of the latter); young/old; member of SMLC or not; learned/learning (we recognize that we are all some of both). Luther 

described himself as a “beggar” before the things of God. Humility before God’s Word counts, yet the Spirit offers profound insight…. “God is big-ger.” We usually have 6-12 participants attend. We work either by reading through a book of the Bible, over many sessions—most recently, the Gospel of John, and then the inter-testamentary book, Sirach, or we consider a theme—most recently “suffering” and before that, “the Holy Spirit”—and, we often read through the lessons used in the service Sunday before, seeking the kind of connections already mentioned. (The Lectionary, which prescribes these readings, works through pretty much the whole Bible in its 3-year cycle.). 

So, come, read, have some coffee and talk (or not), listen, critique, offer your views, see examples of God’s teaching in our lives. —Wayne Becker