Meatless Monday Potluck 10/23

On Monday Oct 23rd at 6:30pm St. Matthew will host its first ever “Meatless Monday” Potluck

Come and enjoy a meat-free meal with fellow congregation members.

Meatless Monday was grown out of an attempt by the US Government during WWI and II, to support the war effort, by conserving rations, such as meat. This in turn would allow more of these food items to be available for US Troops, and the populations in Europe, where food production and distribution had been disrupted by the wars. The year 2003, saw a resurgence in this campaign as a public health awareness program. The goal of this campaign is to help improve our personal health; as well as the health of the planet.

Please sign up (foyer/online) to bring your favorite MEATLESS entree dish, side, or dessert; beverages will be provided.

Check out meatless recipes on our website or bulletin board.

Also, we are looking for people to help set-up, serve, and clean-up, please use the sign up sheet to indicate your preference.

As an added attraction, we will be having a “Green Outfit” contest; wear as much green clothing items as you can find in your closet and be creative. Prizes will be awarded for the best efforts to be GREEN.

For more info, contact Beth Eilers.