The Lunch Bunch Food Ministry Continues to Serve Camden

A food ministry which provides a cold lunch, once per month to the patrons of the New visions Homeless Center in Camden.

It’s been a while since I’ve publicized this food ministry, so here’s another glimpse for those newer members who may be unaware of it and for us old timers from whose memory it may have slipped—grin.

This ministry (operating on your support since March 2001) is dubbed the “Lunch Bunch” … and in a nut shell consists of a monthly gathering of volunteers who prepare approximately 260 sandwiches for the folks at the New Visions Community Services Center. This lunch consists of 80 sandwiches each of ham and cheese, chicken or turkey and cheese and approximately 100 peanut butter and jam sandwiches; chips, homemade cakes, cookies or brownies, (all thanks to you) bananas, drink mix, napkins and cups.

We prepare the food on Thursday evening (always the second Thursday of the month) and then one of our congregation members delivers it to the Center the next day in time for the Friday noon meal.

Since October 2008, the wonderful folks at Wegman’s have provided the food to us with one stop shopping at affordable prices. They’ve also donated money every year to help defray our costs. Last year and again this year they’ve given a gift card in the amount of $500.00. Since our average monthly cost is $190.00 – this donation goes a long way (almost 22% of our cost) in assisting us in the fight against hunger… sandwich at a time.

If you’re not able to join in the sandwich preparation, you might consider a financial donation. Or, we’re always in need of home baked goodies, jam, or fold lock sandwich bags.

We thank God for your continued support – and would love to have you join us. Thanks a bunch…. a Lunch Bunch!

Deacon Bill