Hurray for the Newest Class for Stephen Ministry!

Four trainees, three from our church and the fourth from First Methodist Church in Moorestown, are gathering each Thursday evening to learn the fundamentals of this internationally successful lay-ministry program, begun in 1975 by Dr. Kenneth Haugk, a Lutheran Minister and licensed psychologist.

Through Christian principles and proven scientific practices these dedicated adults are learning from modules, such as, “The Person of the Caregiver,” “The Art of Listening,” “Distinctively Christian Caring,” and “Assertiveness: Relating Gently and Firmly.”

JoAnn Lawrence, Heather Lerch, Kate Rauscher, and Jill Rodgers are being taught by Stephen Leaders: The Rev. Peggy Marks, Trish Myers, and Sue Kuhn, alongside Stephen Trainer Karen Widin. Each 2 1/2 hour session involves devotions, lectures, discussions, skill practices, and demonstrations. The group is growing in faith and effectiveness while showing trustworthiness, compassion, and respect to one another.

Please pray for these conscientious trainees and their dedicated leaders as the program progresses forward to consecration by our two congregations of new Stephen Ministers in the summertime.