How to Stay Warm and Conserve Energy

Cat sitting on a blanket wearing a scarf

Wear More Layers
One way to stay warmer in your house is to wear more layers and wrap up in a cosy blanket on the couch when watching TV. You can turn the thermostat down a couple degrees and save energy and the environment..

Maintain Humidity
Humid air feels warmer than cool dry air. You can simply boil water on your stove to increase humidity. Put in some cinnamon or orange slices to add fragrance to your home.

Address Drafty Windows and Doors
Caulk leaking windows and weatherstrip your doors. Curtains or energy saving film can keep out the cold.

Use a Programmable thermostat
You can program the thermostat to go down overnight night and stay a little warmer when you’re home during the day. If you leave the house for work, you can turn the heat down while you’re away.

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