Hosting Homeless Families: Opportunity to Serve

Hosting Homeless Families July 7th-14th
Our next turn to host homeless families through the Interfaith Hospitality Network is Sunday, July 7th through Sunday,July 14th. Your help is needed in preparing a meal or spending the night at church as overnight host. Learn More.

Please sign up on the bulletin board to volunteer

  • Dinner host (6-8pm) or an Overnight host (8pm-7am)
  • Provide breakfast items for Mon.–Fri. (cereal, milk, juice, breakfast bars, bagels, fruit)
  • Provide lunch items for Mon.–Fri. (bread, lunchmeat, cheese, peanut butter & jelly, juice boxes, snacks)
  • 1 volunteer to prepare a warm breakfast on Saturday, July 13th.

For more info, contact Barry Grahn.