From the Pastor

Caring Board

Most of us want to contribute to making St. Matthew a caring community that supports one another. It feels good to be able to do something to show our care for someone else, and it can be so deeply meaningful to have someone reach out to you at a time that you need it. Yet despite these good intentions, it is easy to get stuck on how to do this. How do I know when a call would be appreciated, and would my reaching out really be welcomed? Beyond that, it is hard to commit to doing something regularly. Often there is an hour here or there that are free to do something, but how do I know what to do with that time if I’m not sure when exactly it will be?

As a way to help those within our St. Matthew community better care for one another, we have been working on a plan for a “Caring Ministry.” We are setting up a “Caring Board.” This is a bulletin board where we can post needs that we know of within the congregation. The idea is that these will be one-time actions, like “Give so-and-so a phone call.” These are not deep spiritual needs that require specific skills to do, but rather are ways that we can all better be in touch with one another and support one another. It is much too easy to become isolated. As you walk by the board, then, you are invited to take one and then during the next few days when you have a free moment make that call.

Joyce Shultz has graciously volunteered to manage the board, and I give thanks for her willingness. To make it work, though, requires participation from everyone. Be willing to pick up one of the cards on the board, but also be willing to have your name put up on one of the cards. It can feel vulnerable to say that you would like to hear from people. We are taught to say that we are fine and don’t want anybody to trouble themselves on our account. The reality is that we all need a sense of connection and to be affirmed that we are valuable. We should not too easily dismiss that need. To be a truly caring community means to be willing to be cared for, even when it feels humbling to do so. Please offer yourself to both parts of this Caring Ministry. By doing so, we become and even more caring community. You can contact Joyce to have your name included on the board.