Fellowship & Congregation Care

FCC’s planning for the fall and winter is well underway, but like most areas of our lives our plans are continuously being impacted by COVID. For now, the Sunday Morning Fellowship that is held after service is holding off on serving food and only serving coffee and tea. Once food can safely be served, we will be looking for volunteers to provide food and to act as hosts.

Supporting our college-age members has begun with emails being sent to students who provided an updated email address. We are looking for contact information for those members attending college or other post-secondary studies. This includes email addresses and snail-mail addresses. Anyone interested in helping with this ministry, please contact Peggy Marks or Karen Widin.

Looking ahead for November, put the Fall Concert on your calendar. We have engaged Matt Wheeler and he will present a concert at Saint Matthew on Friday, November 12 at 7:30PM. This family event will be in-person and live-streamed on YouTube. The concert is scheduled to last a little over an hour. Lite refreshments may be offered after the concert.

Many thanks to Sue Kuhn and Ruth Fausak for organizing the celebration event for Pastor Trozzo’s Installation Service. Only if you have tried to plan something the past few years can you appreciate how challenging it is to organize an event. We are so blessed to have had these two fabulous women take on this important event.

With Joy & Love, Karen Widin & Pastor Peggy Marks