Fellowship and Congregation Care Updates

Older Wiser Lutheran Seniors OWLS April Event: Brain Fitness on Thursday, April 4th, at Noon

Our guest speakers will be two members from the Medford Leas Staff, Gerry Stride, Director of Recreation and Danielle Boyd, Music Therapist. This will be an interactive class designed to bring you the latest information on brain fitness. Topics will include: what changes are part of normal aging, everyday strategies can be used to keep the brain fit and how music can help brain fitness. Sounds like it should be helpful to all of us!

St. Matthew Book Group on Thursday, March 14th, at 2:30pm & 7:30pm

Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II’s Most Dramatic Mission by Hampton Sides.

We met in January and all enjoyed our book ―Becoming by Michelle Obama. We discussed remembering our own childhoods and how different and similar some of our lives have been. Rev. Peggy Marks, retired pastor and member here, has accepted leadership role of this group. We hope you are able to attend at our March discussion.

Handiwork Ministry: Crocheters & Knitters

If you can knit we need baptism blankets. We have lots of yarn and you can knit one purl two from home. Can you crochet a granny square? Please help yourself to our yarn in the library and triple stitch a small 3-4 foot granny square baptism blanket. The parents and sponsors truly cherish these specially made blankets to commemorate their child’s baptism. Also lap blankets are needed for Lutheran Cross- ing and other assisting living homes. For more info, contact Liz Miller tinlizzy730@gmail.com.

FCC Event Team: We Need You!

All these events require teams of people. Would you like to be a part of one of these celebrations? Just pick one chore: the tables, clear tables, dry dishes, shop for beverages, etc. We have fun laughing and

Stephen Ministry: Continuing Education

What do Stephen Ministers Do?

During difficult times, people often feel very alone. Stephen Ministers give them a listening ear – someone they can talk to about things they wouldn’t discuss with anyone else. A dependable Christian friend is there for them, week after week, as long as needed. Praying and talking together and discussing scriptures or relevant resources help to create a confidential bond of trust between caregiver and care receiver.

Stephen Ministers personally benefit from the life skills they learn in their initial sixty-five hours of training – the listening skills, the use of reflective questions, and attentiveness to someone else’s needs. Learning these skills helps Stephen Ministers grasp the idea that when they help brothers and sisters who are hurting, they’re serving Jesus.

Stephen Ministers grow a lot in the process. Supervision and sup- port by their fellow Stephen Ministers twice a month, as well as, continuing education sessions created by Stephen Leaders once a month continue to strengthen the lay-ministers. They become a team of well-trained, Christ-centered caregivers.

They are equipped and commissioned to serve in a meaningful ministry.
—Sue Kuhn, Stephen Leader