Easter Flower Order Deadline March 24th

Beautify the sanctuary with flowers for Easter. This year we’re ordering tulips, daffodils, and lily plants from Barts Flowers in Riverside. Plants are $10 each. Download an order form, pick up an order form in the narthex, or order online. In the memo section indicate the number and type of plants you wish to order and the dedication (Either – In Thanksgiving For; In Honor Of; or In Memory Of). Deadline is Sunday March 24.

Easter flowers have been an integral part of the celebration of Easter, symbolizing renewal, rebirth, and the arrival of spring. The use of flowers during Easter has deep historical and cultural roots, and different flowers hold various symbolic meanings in the context of this religious and seasonal observance.

  1. Lilies: Lilies are perhaps the most iconic Easter flowers. They symbolize purity, virtue, and the resurrection of Christ. The trumpet-shaped blooms are associated with the trumpet call of God, heralding the resurrection.
  2. Tulips: Tulips are another popular choice for Easter arrangements. They represent love and passion. Their vibrant colors, especially in shades of red and purple, can be seen as symbolic of the blood of Christ.
  3. Daffodils: Daffodils are early spring bloomers, signifying the arrival of new life and the end of winter. They are often associated with the hope and optimism of Easter.

The tradition of using flowers during Easter can be traced back to various cultural and religious practices. In Christianity, the Easter season is a time of joy and celebration, and the use of flowers helps enhance the festive atmosphere while carrying deep symbolic meanings related to resurrection, purity, and the beauty of new life. Different cultures and regions may have unique flower preferences and traditions associated with Easter celebrations.