E.T. Phone Home May 2021

Do you have some favorite places to hike or camp in the area? Let me know! We love to be able to find some time to get outdoors. Particularly, if you have trails that you like that are not too long – in the 3-5 mile range – telling me about why it would be particularly appreciated. That length is long enough for an enjoyable family walk together without having to clear out a huge chunk of time on the calendar.

So far we have discovered some trails around the Carranza Memorial in Tabernacle and Atsion Lake, which is quite close to our house. We try to have a hike together at least once a month as a way to have some time together where there’s no sense of needing to get chores and household tasks completed.

What tactics do you use to have family time that does not feel overwhelmed by obligations so that you can enjoy one another’s company? 

—Pastor Eric