Now that our worship service will be taking place 9:30am every Sunday, CLF has been focusing on the logistics of providing in-person youth education to our children. There were two parent-teacher Zoom calls in June and after some in depth discussion and reflection, the following was agreed upon:

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 19:

  • For 3 year-olds through 3rd Grade: We will use the traditional Sunday School model. Youth 3 year-old through Kindergarten will be led by Kristine Butler and Meghan Campbell, and 1st-3rd graders will be led by Melissa Feeney and … (maybe you?). Sessions will start with music instruction at 11:00 (the same time the older children are in Activity time), and end at approximately 11:45am.
  • For 4th-6th Grades: Children’s Chapel will be offered to these youth during worship. After the Children’s Time message, this age group will leave the sanctuary and join their leaders in a designated classroom. The youth will participate in age-appropriate Bible study and focus on key parts of worship for approximately 30 minutes. They will return to the sanctuary to receive Holy Communion and rejoin their families for the remainder of the worship service.
  • For 4th Grade through 104 Year-Olds: Congregational Activity Time will take place 11-12pm. Youth (4th grade and up) and adults are encouraged to participate (room TBD based on the needs of the activity). This time is designated to promote fellowship, service to others, and inter-generational interaction. The first week of every month will have small groups such as Adult Forum and the Youth Group (Grades 6-12). The remaining weeks in each month will be planned around service projects, discussion groups, environmental activities, etc. Please reach out to Pastor Eric, if you have any ideas or would like to facilitate an activity.

We are sharing some great summer opportunities from BTF (Bold Transformational Faith)

  • Day Camp at Home: BTF is excited to offer a week-long virtual day camp program for youth who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grades. From Aug. 2 – 6, counselors from Cross Roads and Luther Crest will gather with campers on Zoom from 10am-noon Eastern. Those two hours will be packed with songs, games, arts & crafts, and Bible study. Learn more and register at
  • Summer Camp Videos: BTF will bring you five different Bible stories related to our summer theme through a skit, activities you can do at home, a song, and a prayer. Find them on the BTF YouTube channel.

Help Wanted!

There is a lot of information here to digest, please reach out to Pastor Eric or me ( with any questions, or if you are interested in helping as:

  • An Assistant Leader for Children’s Chapel (1-2 times a month during worship) or for the 1st-3rd classroom (weekly 11-11:45AM).
  • We are also looking for high school students to help in the classrooms.

NOTE: We will follow Moorestown School District guidance on COVID protocols and will share that information once it is published.

Melissa Fickes-Feeney, chair