Carrying on the Spirit of Stephen

Why is our lay-ministry called Stephen Ministry? 

In Acts 6 Stephen was one of the first lay people commissioned by the apostles to care for the community of believers. 

Just as Stephen helped to meet the growing needs of the early church, Stephen Ministry expands the caring capacity of Saint Matthew Church. Just as Stephen shared the spirit of Jesus, Stephen Ministers bring Christ’s healing love to those in our congregation and the community who are hurting. 

Stephen Ministers are quick to listen and slow to speak. They pray for insight to know the best ways to care and what to avoid so that their care receivers experience God’s caring presence through their ministry. 

The Stephen Ministry Team now has three newly trained lay ministers to help in caring for our church and beyond. If you or someone you know would benefit from having a Stephen Minister confidentially listen to their thoughts and walk with him/her during a rough patch in their life, let Pas-tor Trozzo know or Sue Kuhn, S.M. Referrals Coordinator. 

In Christ’s Love, 

Sue Kuhn, Stephen Leader