Call Process Update

As a congregation, we have prepared for the birth of our Lord during Advent, welcomed him at Christmas, and celebrated his birth with the Wise Men at Epiphany. Now as a congregation, we look at our next big task – calling a new pastor. Here is an update.

We are in Step 3 of the ELCA’s pastoral call process, the Mission Exploration Process. This is a time when St. Matthew is:

  • Assessing the mission of St. Matthew, and our readiness for mission.
  • Seeking congregational input through surveys, history events, and other ministry events.
  • Determining our financial readiness and ability to call a pastor.
  • Completing the Ministry Site Profile, a detailed report setting forth the information that the Synod will use to help find the right pastoral candidates for St. Matthew.

This is where the Council seeks input and help from the entire Congregation. We are in the last stages of developing a survey, which should reach a broad part of our congregation. It will help us gather a fact profile of who we are as a congregation. It will provide spaces for you to give us your thoughts about St. Matthew’s mission(s), and the characteristics in a new pastor that would help excel in those mission(s). The survey is an anonymous tool and we hope a majority of the congregation will share their thoughts.

We are hosting several congregational events in the coming weeks:

  • Sunday, January 27, 4-5pm, Potluck Dinnerin Fellowship Hall. At 5pm Council will give a Call Process Update and the survey will be unveiled.
  • Sunday, February 10, 12:15pm, Annual Congregation Meeting. An update on the Call Process will be presented at the meeting.
  • Saturday, February 23, 6-8:30pm, A Sock Hop & Pasta Night, intended to recall fun times past, and another opportunity to provide your feedback to Council so we can complete the Ministry Site Profile.

On Monday, January 21, Council met to review these plans and the first draft of the survey. We also looked at the ongoing facilities projects. Some plans are being reconsidered. The next step for better access to our church building (replacing the stairs going into the education wing) is on hold for permit review and, of course, weather.

A proposed budget was reviewed. Stewardship reports that members are slowly returning their Estimate of Giving cards to the office. Perhaps, we were somewhat distracted this fall, so we need every household to consider their gift…to consider all what St. Matthew means to you and your family. Please return your Estimate of Giving card to the office as soon as possible.

Finally, come and worship together. It is good to see the St. Matthew family together on Sundays as we rejoice for the many blessings given to us, and lift our voices in prayer.

John O’Meara,
Council President