Call Process Update

Dear Members of St. Matthew,

At the October 21st Council Meeting the decision was made not to renew our part-time Interim Pastor’s contract. All aspects of the topic were discussed at length and prayerfully considered. This was not an easy decision to make. Bishop Bartholomew provided guidance that allowed a decision to be made by Council. Since then many of our members have questioned the direction of St. Matthew as of right now. Hopefully, we can shed some light on that. 

On November 17th and 24th we will have The Reverend Carl Joecks to lead us in worship. Currently, Council is active in the search for a new part-time Interim Pastor. We are confident that the new Interim Pastor will be ready to lead us starting December 1st. An announcement regarding a new Interim Pastor should be available by November 24th. 

Regarding the Call Process, we are on track with the search for our next full-time Pastor. A Call Committee has been formed and is staffed by a group of dedicated members of our church who have already begun this search. Our Ministry Site Profile (MSP), which was formed by Council and approved by Bishop Bartholomew, has been posted for all potential candidates to view. The Call Process is still on its originally estimated timeline and on track. We have a strong, thriving church and expect that many potential candidates for the position will be attracted to St. Matthew. Please be assured that although St. Matthew has experienced some bumps in the road over the past 14 months, through God’s blessing and bountiful grace, we are still strong and headed in the right direction. 

In Christ, 

Thomas Campbell 
Vice President