Holy Week 2018

Holy Week 2018 Schedule We encourage you to participate in as many services as possible, that you may enter more fully into the mystery of how God transformed the cross – symbol of death – into the symbol of life and hope through the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

Holy Week 2014 Palm Sunday Service Moorestown NJMarch 25th: Palm Sunday

  • 8:20am* & 10:50am* worship services
    *Blessing of palms & procession begin 10 minutes early
  • 9:45am Sunday school (no adult forum)

Holy Week 2014 Maundy Thursday Service Moorestown NJMarch 29th: Maundy Thursday

7:30pm Maundy* Thursday Communion celebrates the Last Supper and closes with stripping the altar in preparation for Good Friday
*Maundy is latin for commandment “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another” (John 13)

Holy Week 2014 Good Friday Service Moorestown NJMarch 30th: Good Friday

  • 10-11am Children’s Good Friday Service
    Children 3yrs-4th grade. Bring a cross from home (preferably not jewelry).
  • 12pm Community Service at Trinity Episcopal Church.
  • 7:30pm Tenebrae (Shadow) Service ends in darkness.  We call this Friday “good” because Christ triumphs over sin and evil.

Holy Week 2014 Easter Sunday Service Moorestown NJApril 1st: Resurrection of Our Lord / Easter Day

Easter Sunday is the main festival of the year and the reason Christians gather on any Sunday

  • 8:30am Communion
  • 9:30am Annual Easter Breakfast.
  • 11am Communion