Join me for a smidgen of discomfort, won’t ya?

Despite these difficult circumstances over the past year, I realized that being uncomfortable can prove to be advantageous. The discomfort itself isn’t helpful, but the attention it garners and an examination of its source can lead to something positive–if I don’t ignore it. The manner in which George Floyd died hit me hard. I simply could not believe what I was seeing: the blatant, intentional distinguishing of a human life by someone in authority, in full daylight while the officer knew he was being recorded. About that time St. Matthew initiated our Anti-Racism Dialogue, so I joined the Zoom meeting naively figuring that there was an easy explanation and obvious path to fix things. Not so. We’ve been gathering monthly since last Summer, and have had between 10-25 participants, some regulars and some popping in just to see what we’re up to.

We’re each at different places along our personal journeys; there are NO prerequisites to join the discussion. Some of us have had “Aha!” moments about issues that others have been living with for a long time. We share resources we’ve discovered; we ask tough questions; we occasionally challenge each other; and we share stories. No judgments. We have committed to this being a safe, loving forum. Turns out this group is more akin to a support group than any task force or training team. We’d like you to take part–even if only to listen.

Tuesday, April 20 at 7:00 PM I invite you to “dip your toe in the water.”

Everyone’s thoughts, opinions and experiences enrich the conversation. Sure, you might hear something that ruffles your feathers a bit, but I’d urge you to then explore why that is and be open to what you may discover.

Yours in Christ,
Max Frable